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How to Connect to Remote Server or Hosting with SSH

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In some scenarios, we may want to connect to remote server or hosting with SSH for running some automation tasks and commands. In this tutorial, we will go through step by step to connect to remote server with SSH. I will use DreamHost Web Hosting as an example.

What Will We Learn

  • What is SSH
  • Connect to remote server with SSH

What is SSH?

Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol for you to access the server remotely with a text-based interface. After connecting to the server successfully, you can run commands and perform various tasks on the server remotely. Accessing server with SSH is a secure and recommended way of connecting to a remote server.

Enable SSH Protocol in Server

Sometime, server has turn off the SSH protocol by default as a security measurement. As a result, you need to enable it in order to use. First, Login to your hosting account.

Dreamhost Login

Then click on FTP Users & Files which under Websites.

FTP Users & Files

Next click on Show Info.

Show Info

After that, click on Edit Access Settings to edit the SSH protocol.

Edit Access Settings

Go ahead and update SSH protocol to SSH – Port 22 (SSH On). Leave the Shell Type as default which is /bin/bash.

SSH Protocol (SSH On)

Connect to Remote Server with SSH

Now search your Windows for Windows PowerShell and launch it.

Windows PowerShell

Enter the following command into the terminal.

ssh [email protected]

You can find your SSH account username and hostname from your hosting.

Username and hostname

After that, you are required to enter the password.

When you logging into your remote server successfully, you should able to see this screen. Each of the server may have different message.

Connect to remote server with SSH

To exit from your server, enter this command.


Exit SSH

Besides of Windows PowerShell, there are other applications which are able to connect to remote server too. One of the most popular alternatives is PuTTY. The steps are similar to above between these applications. I hope this article helped you. If you like my article, please like my Facebook page, A Word From Net to get the latest posts update. And your support is valuable to me. Thanks for reading.

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